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Available for all of the Atlas inline engines: 2800/2900, 3500/3700 and 4200. Send the engine harness out of your engine to be swapped, and we'll convert it for stand-alone use. The lead time on harnesses is about 4 weeks.


Your PCM will be tuned for stand alone use.  A performance tune will also be applied which is good for an additional 20 HP on I5s and I6s.  Return shipping is included. 


What do I get?


Lime-Swap includes all connectors needed to run the engine and the 4L60E transmission.  All 3 PCM connectors are integrated in the engine harness, along with the APPS (pedal) and OBD connector.   Circuits are broken out and fused per the factory configuration.  Relays for PCM power, and fuel pump are provided.  You will get complete documentation and wiring diagrams should you wish to modify anything in the future.  The result is one clean, labelled harness that requires only the following connections to run the engine:  Ignition, Crank, and Fuel Pump.  We will also break out wires for optional connections such as: MIL light, speedometer, tachometer, etc. 


GM Atlas Engine Conversion Harness Rework and Tuning

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Please allow 4 weeks from the date of payment and receipt of cores for harness completion.

  • Harnesses ship anywhere in the US for free! 

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