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Performance Tuning

GM P12 PCM Trailblazer Colorado

Performance Tuning is available for virtually all GM vehicles since 1996.  Tuning can be done through the mail, over email, or in person.

Tunes feature increased spark timing, powertrain enrichment, reduced torque management and firmer shifts.  Additionally a number of options can be selected, such as:

Disable Passlock/VATS

Recalibrate Speedometer

Turn off DTCs

Raise Speed Limiter

What We

Standard mail-in performance tunes are available for all Trailblazers, Colorados, Canyons, and virtually any other GM engine from Model Year 1996 and up.  You get increased driveability, better throttle response, and up to a 30 HP gain!   Trailblazers, Colorados, H3s, or any vehicle with an inline atlas engine are just $99.

Got new mods, since we saw you last?  All existing customers can update their tunes for only $49 shipped!

Remote tuning is recommended for customers who are building a turbocharged project or making major engine modifications such as new cam profiles, compression changes, or headwork.  Customers who can make it to the Savannah area are welcome to schedule an in-person road tuning session.  Others are will find the remote tuning option more convenient.  Note:  remote tuning requires the customer to purchase their own copy of HPTuners.

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