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ATLAS Performance Tunes $99

Wake up your inline I4, I5, or I6!

Allow us to quickly flash your PCM so you can get your swap on the road!    Non-ATLAS tunes are only $149.  Click for more. 


Vortec Inline Stand Alone Engine Harness

Available for all engines in the Atlas series: 2800/2900, 3500/3700, and 4200.  Send the engine harness out of your engine to be swapped, and we'll convert it for stand-alone use.  Unneeded circuits wil be trimmed, all circuits will be fused and relays added for as necessary (fuel pump, starter, fan, etc).  The few remaining connections to be made to your vehicle will be broken out and labeled.  



How does it work?

Just send us your PCM/wiring and a completed order sheet.  Click "Buy Now" or send a money order to Lime-Swap.  We'll turn your PCM around in a flash.  Wiring lead times run about 5 weeks. 


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