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Jake's 2.9l Turbo Colorado

I am a text block. Click on me to drag me around or click a corner handle to resize me. Click the settings icon (it's the left one, looks like a cog) to change this text. You can type new text into me or cut and paste text from somewhere else. Click outside of me when you're done and any changes will be saved.

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Tim's Bad Ass Jimmy

Tim's GMC is a clean Jimmy running a 2004 Vortec 5.3 with a stand-alone harness and reflash.  

Read Tim's story here:



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Mike's Turbo Envoy

Mike set out on a odysssey to boost his Envoy...Hell or highwater.   Just when things were getting tough, light broke through and Mike was quickly boosting 8 psi through his stock 2004 motor and 2006 control system.  Click for more.

The Junkyard Dog

This car will make you need a vega.  Click at your own risk.  

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