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What is Lime-Swap?


Lime-swap is owned and operated by Jeremy AKA Limequat on several forums.  After swapping a Vortec 4200 into  my Supra, I was faced with a dilemma.  In order to start my car, I would have to convince the PCM that the car was not stolen.  This can be done several ways:


1)      Via a third party tuning package such as HPTuners or EFILive

2)      Via a tuner using a tool such as the above

3)      Hacking in the BCM from the donor vehicle


All options seem like overkill for what literally amounts to checking a box to disable the PCM’s anti-theft system.  None are cheap.  Why am I paying more to disable anti-theft than I paid for an entire engine? was borne of the idea that engine swaps should be fun, easy, and affordable.  OK, that will never happen, but we can make the electronics easy!  With the help of Lime-Swap, configuring your PCM or ECM for your swap is a reasonable $99.   I disable anti-theft and any trouble codes that are unnecessary, so when you turn the key for the first time you are rewarded with a deafening roar. 


Of course there are many other reasons that you may need a reflash:  you need to drive an electric fan, changed tire sizes, or upgraded injectors.  Doesn’t matter, all reflashes are only $99. 


What else?

I also offer complete standalone control systems for Atlas (Vortec inline) engines.  I rework your stock engine harness, into a standalone unit that requires only a few connections to your vehicle.  The PCM is programmed to match.   No need for pricey aftermarket controllers, you already have 90% of what you need for OEM levels of refinement and power.


Click the products page for a listing of other doo-dads to make your life easier.  


Can I trust Lime-Swap with my money and project?


I try to make the financial transaction as painless as the work being performed.  All credit card transactions are handled by PayPal, so you know they’re secure.  You can check my 100%, 12 year history on Ebay under ID “jgonyou”. 


How does it work?


Just download an order sheet and send it along with your PCM.  After receipt, I’ll return in 1-2 business days.  I pay for return shipping via USPS Priority Mail. 

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